IELTS Speaking preparation

Welcome to 7mango – the Online English Center. We provide various English courses, including IELTS Speaking. The classes are held by Skype.

IELTS Speaking

The Teachers

All our English Teachers are from the Philippines (with 5+ years' of relevant experience). Below are several facts about the country:
  • English is one of the official languages in the Philippines since 1935;
  • 93% of Filipinos speak English;
  • The Philippines is the 3-d largest English-speaking nation behind the U.S. and India.

PH flag

The price

The price depends on the number of classes you buy. Each class lasts for 25 minutes.

Classes Price for 1 class Discount Total price
5 $6 $30
10 $5.7 5% $57
20 $5.4 10% $108

For students outside Russia and some CIS countries all payments are made through Paypal.


Free trial lesson

We conduct a free trial lesson. Once we get your request, we will contact you back to arrange the day and time.

IELTS Writing preparation

Aside from IELTS Speaking practice, we provide IELTS Writing service as well. Here we offer two options:
  1. You have special lessons with the Teacher. All the lessons are practical, where you work with exact Writing tasks.
  2. You send your tasks to the Teacher for review. The Teacher make corrections and give suggestions. One full Writing task costs $10.

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