IELTS Speaking online preparation

Aside from general English speaking course, our English School prepares students for IELTS Speaking. All the classes are private and held by Skype. During them you are trained to be a confident performer in all 3 Parts of the Speaking section. The topics are professionally and accurately picked by the Teacher.

IELTS Speaking Online

IELTS Writing online preparation

In addition to IELTS Speaking, we prepare students for IELTS Writing as well. Here we offer two options:
  1. You have special private classes by Skype. All the classes are practical, where you work with the Teacher on exact Writing task.
  2. You send your Writing task to the Teacher for review. The Teacher makes corrections and suggestions, then sends you back the edited version of the task.

IELTS Writing


All our English Teachers are native speakers from the Philippines, with 5+ years' of relevant experience. Below are several facts about this beautiful country:
  • English is one of the official languages in the Philippines since 1935;
  • 93% of Filipinos speak English;
  • The Philippines is the 3-d largest English-speaking nation behind the U.S. and India.

PH flag


The fee depends on the number of classes you buy. Each class lasts for 25 minutes.

Classes Fee for 1 class Discount Total fee
5 $6 $30
10 $5.7 5% $57
20 $5.4 10% $108

The payments are made via Paypal. No commission for you.

Each 20th class we provide a free checkup lesson with another Teacher.

Free trial lesson

We conduct a free trial lesson. Once we get your request, we will contact you back to arrange the day and time.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Keep going!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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